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Holiday Lighting and Christmas is Closer Than You Think

Keith A. Trostle

Article by
Keith A. Trostle

Holiday Lighting and Christmas is Closer Than You Think

Convenience and time savings are just some of the reasons to consider a professional holiday lighting service to meet your needs this holiday season.

“For every minute spent in planning, an hour is earned.”
— Anonymous

There is a briskness to the air, the precursors of seasonal change are evident, as the landscape around us transitions into an autumnal pattern. 

Leaf blowers are gradually replacing the sound of lawnmowers, and in the retail area, patio furniture and gas grills have been surrendering floor space to snowblowers and holiday decorations for weeks now. 

As the days grow shorter, and the holidays grow nearer, time becomes a precious commodity. Already busy schedules are strained with the additions of seasonal and holiday-related tasks. Convenience and time savings are just some of the reasons to consider a professional holiday lighting service to meet your needs this holiday season.

Safety is an issue that needs to be talked about anytime you are considering holiday lights and decorations. 

The holidays should be filled with festive times and joyous celebration; however, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has compiled some sobering statistics relating to holiday safety.

  • In 2004-08 an estimated 1,170 home fires per year began with decorations, excluding Christmas trees. These fires caused an annual average of 8 deaths, 54 injuries, and $19.1 million in property damage. 
  • Approximately 5,800 people per year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for falls associated with holiday decorations. More than half of these injuries were caused by fall from roofs or ladders while decorating outdoors. 
  • An additional 4,000 people per year are treated for injuries associated with extension cords.

We prioritize the safety of our customers and employees.

Each holiday lighting design is carefully planned to not only be aesthetically pleasing but to provide the safest possible displays. Our holiday lighting technicians are trained in all aspects of holiday lighting. From the number of light strings that can be safely “daisy chained” together, to the proper use of OSHA required fall restraint systems when working on your rooftop. We make every effort to make your installation as seamless and safe as possible. 

Lighting technology has drastically advanced since the first electrically lit Christmas tree in the White House was proudly displayed in 1895 by President Grover Cleveland. Gone are the days of our “Mom’s and Dad’s” Christmas lights of the incandescent era with all their associated problems and frustrations of burned out bulbs, short-lived light strings, and laborious trouble-shooting. 


Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has forever changed the way we look at holiday lighting. 

And for a good reason, although incandescent lights have improved, the advantages of LED far outweigh any alternatives. 

One advantage of LED lights is their efficiency and low energy consumption. Without going into all the science behind it, LED lights can consume 80-90% less energy than their respective incandescent counterparts. As an example, a 100 count string of incandescent mini lights requires 40 watts of electricity to run, while a 70 count string of wide angle LED’s needs only 4.8watts total. The cost to power an incandescent can be 90 times greater than powering an LED bulb. 

Because LED’s are so much more efficient, their longevity is also much greater than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs can have a lifespan of 100,000 hours, compared to the 3,000-hour lifespan of incandescent bulbs. The increased efficiency, low energy consumption, and longevity lead to yearly savings and low frequency of replacements in your holiday lighting system.

I hope this article has been informative and helpful and allows you to consider the advantages of a professionally installed holiday lighting system. 

Please contact a professional installer to help you plan your outdoor holiday display this year. We hope that a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing plan will not only save you time, money, and keep you safer, but that it will bring you many hours of enjoyment for years to come. 

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