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6 Tips for Mowing the Right Way

6 Tips for Mowing the Right Way

A healthy lawn is essential to you and that’s why you hire a professional landscape maintenance service to take care of it for you.

Did you know that your mowing habits may damage your turfgrass?

When you cut your grass with dull blades or you cut it too short, you’re setting up your turfgrass for diseases and insect infestation. Below are some helpful tips to get moving in the right direction.

1. Check your mower for sharp blades

It’s essential that your mower blades make a clean cut over every grass blade. If you have dull blades, it will give a jagged cut—opening up your lawn to disease or insect infestation. Your local lawn care company sharpens their blades two times per week to give your grass a clean cut. A minimum of annual sharpening is recommended for DIY lawn care.

2. Alternate direction each time you mow

You don’t want to cut your lawn in the same direction every time you mow. Instead, you want to go in different directions. Why? So, your turfgrass gets an even cut and it prevents ruts from forming on your property. For example, when you mow your lawn in one direction, your grass is getting cut and bent over in the direction you’re mowing. By switching directions, you keep your grass evenly cut.

3. Mow your lawn every week

It’s vital to mow your lawn weekly. You don’t want your turfgrass cut too low nor do you want it to grow too long. 

4. Mowing height

Let your lawn grass grow a little taller. You don’t want to give your lawn a crewcut because you’ll weaken the grass plant as well as invite weeds to take up residence. Instead, only take the top third off of your lawn grass so it can grow thick and crowd out weeds. Most Northern turf seed verities (Blue grass/ Perennial rye / Fescue) it is recommended that they be maintained no shorter than 3".

5. Make sure your turfgrass gets the right fertilization, water and weed control

For your lawn to be thick, verdant and weed-free, it needs correct mowing techniques as well as regular nutrition and weed control. 

You also need to make sure you're watering your lawn correctly. Scientists have found that lawns only need one to two inches of water per week. When it rains, the total rainfall goes toward that amount. Most lawn professionals recommend a smart lawn sprinkler system with sensors so that your lawn is only getting the recommended amount of water per week.

6. Hire a professional lawn mowing service

You can’t go wrong when you hire a professional. When you hire a lawn and landscape maintenance company to cut your grass, you know that it’s going to be done right. Plus, it saves you time. Who wants to spend their weekend mowing the law?

Let WeissEarley Help You with Mowing Your Lawn

At WeissEarley, we provide residential and commercial mowing services to property owners in the greater Erie PA region. If you want to reclaim your weekends and still have a beautiful lawn, then you need us to take care of your mowing and lawn maintenance needs.

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